Dated 08 September 2021

William Reed is pleased to be returning to face to face events. The safety and welfare of our employees, contractors and all attendees and visitors to our events (“Attendees”) are of paramount importance.

In line with industry best practices and government advice, the below form the base WR guidelines for UK face-to-face events. This will be updated to reflect any changing Government restrictions, advice and any additional measures required by venues or suppliers.

Risk assessments:

For all WR events a thorough risk assessment, including risks posed by COVID-19 will have been carried out. Appropriate measures will have been implemented to remove or mitigate risk in response to risks and hazards identified.

COVID-19 status and symptoms:

Attendees must be able to provide proof, at point of entry of:

  • Current full vaccination (COVID-19 pass via NHS app or letter);


  • Evidence of negative PCR or lateral flow test within the 48 hours immediately prior to attendance in the form of COVID-19 pass via NHS app/website


  • NHS self-report confirmation email/text


  • Natural immunity following completion of the self-isolation period in the form of COVID-19 pass via NHS app/website or letter via NHS website.

Attendees unable to provide evidence as outlined above will regretfully but firmly be refused admittance to the venue.

Attendees must not come to the event if they are experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Guidance on the main symptoms of COVID-19 can be viewed here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/symptoms/main-symptoms.

Attendees experiencing symptoms during the event will be asked to make their way safely home.

Ticketing & registration:

WR will take measures to reduce physical contact by having digital tickets and, where possible, contactless registration. Where appropriate we will apply staggered registration time slots and may ask delegates to collect their own badges/lanyards and other event materials.

Hygiene and distancing:

All WR event venues will have undertaken high standards of cleaning before and during events with particular care taken with high-touch areas.

Sanitation areas will be available at all events and attendees are encouraged to regularly wash and sanitise hands.

Face coverings are encouraged especially in any crowded areas or times during an event. WR will not be enforcing the use of face coverings and this will be left to personal choice and responsibility unless official restrictions are imposed. Attendees are required to supply their own face covering.

Attendees will be encouraged to take a responsible attitude towards distancing and contact with others. WR will seek to maximise spacing of seating and other measures for distancing where reasonably practicable and subject to venue restrictions.

Attendees are advised not to share drinking vessels or cutlery and WR will ensure adequate supply. Where food sampling is in operation individual portions will be served, the use of sharing bowls will not be permitted.